Frank Hinder Australian Artist

Frank Hinder

Bayonet Drill, 1945
55.1 x 73.0 cm
signed & dated lr inscribed OPUSIFRANCISCI HINDERI SYDNEIENSIS /1945 tl

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Exh Accountant's Club 1954; SU 1962 no 21; Newcastle 1973 no 64; AGNSW 1980 nO 115 illus; Bathurst 1983 no 22 illus

Inscr inspired by that on Fighting men by A Pollaiuolo

Frank Hinder, Bayonet Drill

Copyright Estate of Frank Hinder

Francis (Frank) Henry Critchley Hinder (1906–1992) was an award winning Australian painter, sculptor and art teacher who is also known for his camouflage designs in World War II.